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I had been in my practice only four days when I received a call from the ER of a local hospital. One of my patients had just died in their Emergency Room. As taught in medical school, I had prescribed an anti-inflammatory for a new patient suffering from pain. She had no history of stomach issues but evidently one was waiting for a challenge such as the medication that I prescribed to surface. She went to the ER with massive bleeding of the digestive tract.

The ER staff gave her an injection to stabilize her and what was bad quickly turned to worse. She died from an allergic reaction to the very medication intended to save her life!

Thankfully,the ER doctors were able to ultimately revive her. Needless to say, for a new doctor in his first week of practice, this was an experience that changed me more than you can know.

As I pondered over this, it became apparent to me that despite all the medical education I had paid for, treating patients was risky business especially when it came to prescribing surgery and drugs, let alone missing a critical diagnosis. So I decided to expand my knowledge by studying alternative medicine in addition to keeping up with my required medical upgrades. This gave me more options for helping my patients.

Over the next several months I will be sharing with you some key things I learned and applied in my 27-year practice. I had tremendous success with often the worst cases sent to me as their last resort. These are things that you too can do to improve your own health.

Acupuncture was among the many alternative treatments I studied. I became proficient in Chinese acupuncture, Korean Hand acupuncture and French auricular (ear) acupuncture.

Many people do not know that all of the Chinese acupuncture points are also condensed in three small areas of the body. These areas are the ear, the hand and the foot. This is the premise behind other healing modalities you may have heard of such as reflexology.

Now don’t worry – I am not going to suggest you start sticking needles in your ears! But a variation of acupuncture called acupressure can be a valuable tool to use, especially when used with Dr. Spencer’s Miracle Algae Cream.

Ear acupuncture points

It is logical that if your neck or back is stiff and sore, it helps to massage that area. How would you like to treat your entire body from the inside out to a massage? By massaging yours ears, you can do just that!

I particularly like massaging the ears to relieve the effects of stress. Here is a simple test you can do to see how amazing this can be. When you are feeling stressed, massage your ears for about one minute. Very quickly you will feel yourself relaxing. You may even take a big sigh as you release tension.

Rub inside the ear but don’t push the cream into the ear canal. Massage the back of the ear flap. While you are at the back of your ear, massage the back of the jaw just below the ear. You can do both ears at one time and get double the effect.

Massaging the feet before you start your day is very helpful as they incur a notable amount of stress that goes up the body.

For difficulty getting to sleep, massage both your ears and feet. Do the ears first for hygienic reasons. With the remaining cream massage your hands. With both your hands and feet, if you find any sore areas, massage those locations longer and with a bit more pressure.

Because of the special blends of super-charged Spirulina Algae in Dr. Spencer’s Miracle Cream, this cream is ideal for massaging your ears, hands and feet. Especially as your skin absorbs very quickly, my cream has extra benefits that go far beyond the actual massage.